March 2, 2015

Rupture, Fix It, Repeat?

Last Thursday I had my back surgery. Everything seemed to be going well until I became sick from the pain meds. They caused me to throw up uncontrollably for about five minutes. After it was over, the rupture pain returned to my back and the next day I had pain going down my leg again.

I went back to my doctor and he noted that I still have some strength in my toes, so he is hopeful that I just irritated the nerves (as opposed to rupturing again). So he put me on a steroid pack and up'ed my pain meds. I just finished my last steroid this morning and I can say they didn't help. I still have a sharp pain in my left leg, and I've lost feeling and strength again in my left foot, both signs of disc material pushing on the nerves.

Tonight I have another MRI scheduled and I visit my doctor on Wednesday for him to read them. This might sound strange, but I actually hope I ruptured again. Why? Because that will explain the pain I am in. If I didn't rupture, than I am very concerned why I am in so much pain. It's been long enough since the surgery for the post-surgical pain to subside. And the post surgery pain felt different than this. So if I ruptured (again), it explains everything and I can get it fixed and begin recovery (again).


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